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Mold alterations

Thanks to our internal tooling production unit, we are able to manufacture injection moulds on site, as well as possible tools modifications.Our mechanics wokshop is aquipped with hight performance production equipment: electric discharge machining tooling center using wire or hubling, rheological studies, specific thermal treatments.


Production at the right cost

We guarantee our customers the most efficient tooling (molds) at the right cost.

We work in collaboration with injection mold manufacturers in Asia, design is centralized in our premises enabling our customers to profit from French Quality at a competitive price.                


Lead times

We manufacture the majority of tooling in 6 weeks.

We examine the first injected pieces with our customers for validation or correction of the geometry.

Local moule

Mold storage

All your tools are provided and carefully stored between each production.
We stock all the tools in a secure facility. The lifetime of the tools is well perpetuated.

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